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Serving City, Suburb and Rural Residents of District 4

Frederick County Council District 4 encompasses city, suburb and rural areas, each with its own set of challenges.  Frederick City residents are under both city and county jurisdiction.  This is not an encumbrance but rather an advantage.  I will seek ways to work with city officials to solve planning problems as an advocate for the public.  As a resident of Frederick City, I am aware of environmental issues such as the city’s plan to build a 4-lane road through Ft. Detrick’s Area B toxic waste Superfund Site and pressures on the Historic District brought on by development.  Although the city government has jurisdiction in many areas, it would be my responsibility as a council member to intercede with city officials for the benefit of city residents in Council District 4, not to have a “hands-off” approach. 


Suburban and rural areas have been feeling the crush of development, some planned sensitively, some not.  As a council member I will work diligently to ensure that future development will place the needs of current and future residents over the desires of developers thereby preventing further overcrowding in our schools and traffic congestion.


A large part of District 4 is actively agricultural.  It is imperative that this vital agricultural area be maintained for the county as a whole. Frederick County retains some of the best agricultural lands in the nation. There have been increasing losses of croplands in the West of America due to global warming. The nation will become increasingly more dependent upon the East for its produce.  Housing developments do not produce crops, they only consume them.  We are already paying for this imbalance in our grocery bills.  This will continue to escalate in the future.  We must support our local farmers to stay in farming and mitigate against encroaching development into our farmland.


The desirability of Frederick County gives us the power to insist that infrastructure be in place prior to new development. Buildings should be constructed to high standards of quality and sustainability.  The principles and recommendations described in Livable Frederick and Mobilize Frederick (formerly the Climate Emergency Mobilization Work Group/CEMWG) must inform the Council’s deliberations.