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Law seeks to bring project, budget experience to County Council

By Ryan Marshall   May 30, 2022


After being involved in political and environmental issues since high school, this year, Betty Law decided to run for office.


As part of a large group that opposed building Christophers Crossing through Fort Detrick’s Area B, the retired electrical engineer got to know people who suggested that she consider running.

As she thought about it, she decided that her experience working on complex urban infrastructure projects and dealing with their budgets could be useful on the Frederick County Council.

“I felt, well, why just sit around and garden?” she said.

Law is running for the County Council District 4 seat currently held by Jessica Fitzwater, who is running for county executive in the July 19 primary.


Law is running in the Democratic primary against Nicholas Augustine, Kavonte Duckett and John Funderburk. John Fer, Chaz Packan and Steve Valentino are competing in the Republican primary.

Although it’s her first run for office, Law has been involved in community issues for years. ...


Letter to the editor/FNP

Citizen advocacy makes Law a strong County Council candidate

By Marge Rosensweig   June 11, 2022

A story titled “Law Seeks to bring project, budget experience to County Council” (May 31 edition of the Frederick News-Post) effectively captures Betty Law’s professional and avocational experience, and her strong qualifications for a seat on the Frederick County Council as District 4 representative. She understands and has been involved in crafting reasonable solutions to some of the most pressing problems facing Frederick County and the city of Frederick.

Not a politician, Betty is a practitioner of collaborative efforts to address important issues (demonstrated during her years as an educator and engineer, and more recently as a citizen advocate). Over the past several years, Betty has proven that citizen advocacy, which requires collaboration between residents and city/county elected and appointed officials, benefits the entire community.

Her successful efforts to prevent the road through Area B, her participation on the Frederick County Sustainability Commission and Sierra Club, etc., document her commitment to protection of the environment; her focus on responsible growth for the city and county can assure a strong voice on the County Council when sensible planning decisions are made.

Betty is committed to making Frederick County a healthy place to live and work. I firmly believe that she deserves your consideration and your support.

Marge Rosensweig


Letter to the editor/FNP

An opportunity lost or a missed train wreck?

By Betty Law   March 11, 2022

I am responding to the March 3 comments by Dylan Diggs, a candidate for Frederick County Council at large. Mr. Diggs mourns the “loss” of the Amazon data center.


However, agricultural land should not be lost to the installation of a data center.

If there is a place in Frederick County for data centers, it is on brownfields, such as the old Alcoa Plant. Then the new installation is a form of restoration. The promised economic benefit of such an industry is welcome if properly sited. ...


Letter to the editor/FNP

Bumper cars on North Market Street?

By Betty Law   March 31
, 2022

The East Street Redesign is fine, yet like most city plans, it doesn’t go far enough. It ends at the intersection of East and North Market streets, where similar problems continue.

At the East Street/North Market junction, there are 785 living units that have either been recently completed, presently under construction or in the final stages of approval. Using the absurdly low city planning assessment...